A full-day course that gives the student the opportunity to run a simple short-path distillation apparatus and discuss the variables involved in making consistent, high-quality distillates.  The course is limited to 6 students to allow everyone a turn at operating the short-path.

Short-path distillation has revolutionized the hemp industry, and in particular the ethanol-extracted hemp segment.  Even though short-path distillation was initially brought to market by a butane extract company, the ability to remove unwanted impurities and colors from rapid and cost effective ethanol extractions quickly leveled the playing field for high-purity isolates.  After short-path distillation it is hard to tell the difference between C02, ethanol or hydrocarbon extracts.  Short-path distillation also makes an excellent clean-up step to maximize column life in laboratories running chromatography isolations.

Short-path distillation of hemp extracts has taken a steep climb in technology, with the highest purity extracts requiring deep vacuums, digital temperature monitoring/control and careful process mapping.  We will discuss these and other issues related to the short-path distillation of hemp.

The second half of the course shows the student how to crystallize CBD from short-path distillate (from the morning class).  This course is the final step in removing the THC from the CBD medicine.  The course provides instruction in first and second pass re-crystallization steps from hexane.  Speed and recovery are emphasized, and the entire process can be performed in under 4 hours with excellent yield.

The course covers safety and step by step procedures; including loading the solvent, cooling, seeding, nucleation and crystal growth.  For production reasons crystallization processes tend to focus on encouraging nucleation, producing as many high purity crystals as possible, versus larger crystal growth.  Filtering, rinsing and drying crystals rounds out the half-day course.

Come join us for the full day, from short-path distillation to re-crystallization.  Take home some seed crystals!