The Cannabis Laboratory Series starts with an introduction to the analytical technologies and methodologies used in the analysis of cannabinoids, essential oils, residual solvents, heavy metals and pesticides.  Concepts like Accuracy, precision and fit-for-purpose are discussed including the daily system suitability procedures used in laboratories to control their analytical processes.  Control charts are used to graphically explain why 26.1% isn’t really 26.1% and how this variability can affect your manufacturing, special projects and regulatory compliance.

Who Should Attend:

Owners, Growers, dispensary employees, manufacturing supervisors, quality control personnel, auditors, regulators

What You Will Learn:

  • Lab Services & Technology
  • Laboratory methodologies,
  • Limitations of testing,
  • Understanding laboratory data variability
  • How laboratory data can affect special projects

Valuable Takeaways:

There is variability in all measurements, some from the manufacturing of the product some from the laboratory.  Understanding why measurements of the same product differ, and how to compare laboratories using their own data.  There are ways to manage laboratory variability and understand if a laboratory or method is fit-for-purpose.