The Cannabis Laboratory Series starts with an overview of the analytical technologies and methodologies used in the analysis of cannabinoids, essential oils, residual solvents, heavy metals and pesticides.  This course is designed for people who have not worked in the laboratory or made decisions using analytical results before, or maybe it has been a while.  Concepts like accuracy, precision and fit-for-purpose are introduced, including the method performance indicators and system suitability procedures used in laboratories to control their analytical processes.  If you are familiar with instrumental analyses then the half-day Introduction to Laboratory Data course is for you.

Who Should Attend:

Owners, Growers, dispensary employees, manufacturing supervisors, quality control personnel, auditors, regulators

What You Will Learn:

  • Lab Services & Technologies Used
  • Analytical Methodologies
  • Quality vs. Safety Testing
  • The concept of laboratory data variability
  • What is a Control Chart?
  • Special project data needs: Stability studies and high purity analyses

Valuable Takeaways:

There is variability in all measurements, some from the manufacturing of the product and some from the laboratory.  Understand why measurements of the same product differ, and how to compare laboratories using their own data.   The Control Chart is introduced (ISO requirement) and how important it is for the laboratory to maintain. There are ways to manage product and laboratory variability, and understand if a laboratory or method is fit-for-purpose.

This course is a warm-up to the half-day Cannabis Lab Series courses, to ensure you are prepared for the first half-day Introduction to Cannabis Laboratory Data course which covers similar topics in more detail.