QSP Sciences is pleased to provide the following products and services for companies engaged in the extraction, manufacturing and testing of cannabis products. Initial reports, courses, process SOPs and consulting services provide a jump-start in all aspects of cannabis extraction and analysis, outside of Architect and Engineering services. General Consulting Services and courses are designed to get clients started with their facilities, processes and procedures. SOP documents cover specific processes, process control, document control and training*.

*While many of the products and services are standardized, some states, fire marshals or other regulatory authorities have additional or specific requirements. For these reasons an initial consultation is recommended to prepare an accurate scope of work and proposal, including any state or regulator specific modifications.

QSP Sciences has over 20 years experience in the dietary supplement, pharmaceutical and cannabis industries, from product development and equipment design to quality assurance and laboratory management. QSP Sciences has been training and consulting with Clients for over 5 years in more than 10 states and even 3 countries. QSP Sciences works with safety consultants, equipment suppliers, operating extraction facilities and analytical laboratories to provide insight and services in all these areas, that work together by design.

General Consulting Services and Standard Operating Procedures

QSP Sciences has a three-tiered philosophy of training and consulting. Initially there is a period of general background information and terminology uptake necessary to make decisions and move forward efficiently. Written Introductory Reports and Courses have been prepared for Extraction/Processing and Analytical laboratories that cover the terminology, equipment options, pros and cons with downstream processing options. These reports include an introduction to process mapping or in-house laboratory design to optimize facilities, work flow and process sequencing.

Following the introductory courses the client is prepared to finalize construction and equipment purchases. Equipment and instrument vendors should be consulted for training specific to the equipment they furnish. QSP Sciences is available by the hour for this second phase. Finally the equipment is installed and people have been trained and the operating phase begins. Now Standard Operating Procedures, troubleshooting and consulting services are available to keep your company running at the front of the pack.

Initial Reports

$2,500 – provided in PDF format.

Extraction/Processing Options –  This report provides an overview of cannabis extraction and processing options, with pros and cons for each and a brief cost overview.  This report helps to finalize process decisions and allows for more focused discussions once initial decisions have been made.

In-House Laboratory Options – This report explains the different analytical technologies, and the applications, and limitations of each.  Multiple scenarios are presented from a three room in-house potency and essential oils lab to a full service in-house laboratory offering pesticides and residual solvents analysis – and multiple points in-between.

Standard Operating Procedures

SOPs are provided in word format, to enable the client to modify the document to their own needs.  SOPs contain sections on Objective, Scope, Responsibilities, Safety, Materials, Equipment, Procedure and Revision History.  SOPs emphasize area supervisor and employee responsibilities and safety precautions in a boiler-plate format.  Specific equipment and operating conditions are provided to make the products listed**.

**QSP Sciences works with many clients, at multiple levels of sophistication.  Due to Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) with clients only general operating conditions are included as a starting point for those just setting up their laboratory, and as place-holders for advanced operators to enter their own process specifics such as time, temperature, etc. in a standardized format.

Process Development Consulting

$150/hour, plus travel, expenses and licensing as applicable.  Custom extraction projects can be tailored to specific challenges or advanced goals related to facilities, equipment, extraction methods, decarboxylation, fractional distillation, recrystallization and chromatography isolation. Process development projects typically require mutual NDAs.

Analytical Chemistry Consulting

$150/hour, plus travel and expenses as applicable.  QSPDesign can help interpret laboratory data, track issues from sampling to reporting and help with OOS and CAPA from an independent and experienced perspective.  Additional services include in-house laboratory design and set-up, with courses available from an introduction to cannabis laboratory data to advanced topics such as setting specifications, stability studies and high-potency analyses.

Manufacturing Program Jump-Start

$7,500 start-up package includes Introductory Report, Training SOP, Document Control SOP, 3 Job Descriptions, Organization Chart, MIPS batch record SOP and up to 3 additional SOPs based on industry standard practices.  Additional consulting available at $150/hour to modify documents to specific requirements.

In-House Laboratory Development

$7,500 start-up package includes introductory report, Training SOP, up to 3 analytical method SOPs based on in-house methods, balance calibration SOP, Freezer SOPs, Sample Receiving SOP, Inter-laboratory study and report including 5 samples.  Client is responsible for choosing second laboratory and paying costs of analyses.  Additional consulting available at $150/hour to modify documents to specific requirements

Consulting Services and Standard Operating Procedures

Consulting and Standard Operating Procedures are provided in packages, and a la carte.  Introductory reports are $2,500, course schedules and pricing are available on-line, and individual SOPs are $750.  Special projects are run by written proposal.

Introductory Reports

Extraction Process Comparison

In-House Laboratory Design

Process SOPs

Training Program

Out Of Specification (OOS)


Document Control

Alcohol Extraction*

Butane Extraction*





200 Proof Alcohol Regeneration

Extract Manufacturing Log

Winterizing Log

Short-Path Log

Decarboxylation Log

Weight Per Unit

Product Uniformity

Setting Specifications

Purchase 5 SOPs and get the Training SOP free!

Laboratory SOPs

Balance Calibration

Freezer Calibration

Sample Receiving- COC

GC analysis of Terpenes*

GC analysis of Residual* Solvents

LC Analysis of Cannabinoids*

GC/MS Analysis of Pesticides*

LC/MS Analysis of Pesticides*

System Suitability*

Report Writing and Data Review*

Method Validations

In-house Laboratory Audits

*SOP a la carte is based on generic equipment and procedures, and include all operating conditions.  Additional consulting may be necessary to personalize SOPs

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