bar chart from USDA draft about CBD

USDA Provides Interim Measures for Hemp Production

A new draft by the USDA provides some insights for where the cannabis industry might be headed as regulatory concerns are finally being addressed at the federal level. The draft focuses on the production of hemp, in general, though comments on specific products such as cannabidiol (CBD), too, as the Farm Bill of 2018 has caused doors to open for the selling of CBD across the nation.

Within the USDA’s draft, they mention, “Producer interest in hemp production is largely driven by the potential for high returns from sales of hemp flowers to be processed into CBD oil.” The CBD oil market is certainly booming in many localities in the United States and the USDA is addressing the concern as the demand has increased for the CBD Oil product comparative to other cash crops.

Interestingly, the USDA states, “If FDA does not provide clarity about their plans for future regulation of CBD, there will continue to be uncertainty and downward pressure on the CBD portion of the hemp market.” This (and other statements in the draft) might cause the pressure that the market has been seeking to place for clearer guidelines from the FDA in the coming months.

Only time will tell whether the FDA will take notice of the demand-for-answers that the USDA seems to be prompting. As the industry watches, it seems like answers to the questions concerning legality and categorization of CBD (on the federal level) may be coming soon.

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Obtaining the right hemp seeds is paramound in your commercial cultivation business plan

On Commercial Cultivation Business Plan — it’s a lengthy process

From initial approval to grow hemp, to the growing process to growing hemp and drying it out ready to be used; it takes a while to start a commercial cultivation business. In this posts, we’ll get you started for starting your business plan.

As mentioned in a recent article, it’s quite common that farmers “don’t have a harvest plan.” It’s a shame. If you’re looking to start your grow for the 2020s, you have to start thinking now about how your hemp business will succeed in the coming years. Below are the elements for a commercial cultivation business plan.

Elements of a Business Plan

When it comes to developing your business plan, you need to understand who the plan is ultimately for– is it for you and your business partners or is it for obtaining investors into your venture?

Here are some of the elements that your plan should include:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Company Overview
  3. Sales and Marketing
  4. Operations
  5. Finance

From these elements, you can start building out more complex information specifically for your cultivation business.

Cannabis Manufacturing

Some points to think about when you develop your business plan is how your crop will be manufactured and transformed into useful products for the marketplace. At QSP Sciences, we have training for cannabis manufacturing, though, you need to learn to apply your know-how into useful methodologies for production-purposes.

Capture the Right Data for Your Venture

There are numerous options in the industry for finding relevant information to help you make decisions with your hemp business. Our company provides cannabis lab data training if you are in need to find to get started in analysis to move your brand forward.

Other tools might include sites, like, Google Trends which can help you pin-point certain trends happening now. For example, below is graph for the trend of “CBD”.

Assistance During the Process

If you ever need assistance for helping to steer your venture in the right direction, we offer consulting services which are especially useful to help you get started with cannabis extraction processes for including into your plan.

About QSP

Our company has been helping business owners back-up their claims with verifiable results and we look forward to continue to build on our good reputation in the industry. If you are in need of assistance with your business, please contact us and see if we can help you succeed!