QSPSciences presents

This class is a one day, hand-on cannabis extraction and isolation class with a little advanced lecture to tie it all together.  The class is an introduction to liquid/liquid partitions, fractional distillation, chromatography, short path distillation and recrystallizations.  We cover basic separation technologies and go into detail about the chemistry of separations and the different ways we can separate cannabis products during processing.  Crystallization of CBD is discussed in detail, however this process takes from 3 to 7 days and a hands-on exercise is not included in the course.

We start out in the classroom for a refresher on the concept of polarity and the impact polarity has upon extraction and separation decisions.  Following lecture we perform several liquid-liquid partition experiments where we review the worlds simplest, and possibly safest, hash oil.  We then do multiple small-scale chromatography experiments with alumina to drive home the concepts of strong and weak solvents.  We finish up with hands-on short-path distillation.  If the class is interested we can do a quick rotary evaporator demo.